SOL communities, centres & projects


SOL communities can range between several hundreds of inhabitants that form an eco-village to a few families that form an intentional community. 

Here are some examples I have visited in the past:

- Damanhur

- Tamera

- Sieben Linden

- Molino de Guadalmesi


SOL retreat or seminar centres can be a part of an eco-village or function independently of a community context and primarily as a business with a focus on sustainability. 

Examples are:

- Esalen

- Pachamama

- Kalani

- Tarifa Eco Centre


SOL projects I define as small scale communities with a few founders who initiated the eco-project and some employees, work-exchangers and/or volunteers who help to develop a project based on sustainable values.

Some of the projects I have visited are:

- Valle de Sensaciones

- Inanitah

- SunSeed Technology