SOL eco


There is a logic behind living an ecologically sustainable life- we only have this earth to live on and its resources are limited. To minimise the exploitation of the planet and our ecological footprint it is necessary to reduce the production of waste (especially plastic) as well as the consumption of energy, water and meat. 


Eco-technology fulfills human needs with minimal disruption to nature. Some people believe that to live a sustainable life might involve making sacrifices. With the latest developments in eco-technology however it is not only possible to live in harmony with nature while still having all the luxuries of a cultivated living but the qualitiy of life even increases using scientific knowledge to create state of the art technology in combination with conscious caring of the land, our body & soul.


Ethical Investment is another important factor regarding our ecological responsibility. Investing in projects that are committed to sustainability such as SOLville and other SOL approved businesses is one possibility. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and gifts with us please do not hesitate to contact us.