SOL health

Physical Health

Your Body Loves You!

Our bodies do everything possible to stay healthy. But if one's lifestyle imposes too many threats to the system it fails to compensate and will need support to get "back in balance". Exercise and diet seem to be two of the most important aspects in maintaining and restoring health and are great examples of how our health depends on the health of the earth. Food, just like fresh air and pure water, should be treated as precious as medicine.

Emotional Health

Emotions- are 'Energy in Motion'

which, when suppressed, can cause physical as well as psychological problems. Especially unwanted emotions are often held in the body by contraction of muscle tissue - particularly of the diaphragm. In stressfull situations we tend to hold the breath and contract- a natural response- just that we now live in an unnatural environment which requires permanent attention & activity. Burn-out, pain and depression are often results of prolonged stress.


The connection to Self

as well as to others and the envronment is essential for a healthy co-existance with nature. Yoga, meditation,gardening, plant medicine and many other methods can help establish an awareness of being embedded in nature and develop compassion with other sentient inhabitants of this planet.

In our SOL blog I will share information of how to support a healthy life style and where to find help in case of dis-ease.